Astronaut Luca Parmitano captured from ISS the White Nile in Sudan.

Credit: Luca Parmitano, ESA, NASA

The White Nile formed at Lake Victoria is one of the two main tributaries of the Nile along with the Blue Nile. When in flood, the Sobat River tributary carries a large amount of sediment, adding greatly to the White Nile’s color. In the wider sense, “White Nile” refers to all the stretches of river draining from Lake Victoria through to the merger with the Blue Nile. These higher stretches being named the “Victoria Nile,” the “Albert Nile” and then the “Mountain Nile” or “Bahr-al-Jabal.” “White Nile” may sometimes include the headwaters of Lake Victoria, the most remote of which being 3,700km from the Blue Nile.

The local scenery of the confluence of Blue and White Nile near Khartoum is as follows.

Credit: Wikipedia

Reference: Luca Parmitano’s Tweet
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